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Glevum Alloy Services

Professional quality mobile alloy wheel refurbishment services

Why Choose Us

Cost effective, affordable mobile repair service

Superb Customer Care

Our Glevum Alloy Wheel Repairs business focuses on ensuring competitive, fair and reasonably affordable priced refurbishing service, with an added 12 months guarantee on our quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on superb customer care and believe we have gained a reputation for providing a first class refurbishing service for Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.

Specially Fitted Vans

Our vans are fitted out specifically for the refurbishment of alloy wheels and all work undertaken is carried out within our mobile unit ensuring that no over-spray contaminates your vehicle. The vehicle has a long wheel base and a high top, therefore it is important that I am able to park close to your vehicle so that two extension leads can be run from your property.

We are now able to offer a alloy wheel welding repair service for cracked alloy wheels. Please note, this is only available on a drop off and collect service - contact us for more details

Our Mobile Services Include

Kerb Damage and Scuffed Alloys

Hit a kerb and scuffed or scraped off your lacquer and paint? This can be repaired and resprayed with paint to match and a clear coat lacquer to finish. An invisible guaranteed repair.

Dents and Buckles

Pothole damage is a major concern due to the state of our roads. Any damage to the inner rims can be straightened out and made good.

Air Leaks

Air leaks from the inner bead seal due to corrosion can cause tyres to deflate and run at incorrect pressures. This can be rectified and repaired to ensure a airtight seal.

Our Fixed Site Services Include

Powder Coat Refurbishments

Full chemical strip and powder coat respray with optional colour change available using our convenient and cost effective collection and delivery service.

Diamond Cut Alloy Restorations

Full chemical strip to remove all the unsightly flaking milky lacquer and re-machine to restore your special lathe turned diamond cut rims to the manufacturers specifications using our collection and delivery service.

Welding Repairs

We are now able to repair cracked wheels and weld repair your alloy wheels. This is only available as a drop off and collect service- contact Gary for more details and prices.

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Glevum Alloy Wheel Repairs
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